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Emotions set 2 list
  1. Abandonment
Anger Anxiety Apathy Betrayal Carelessness Concern Confusion Contradictory
4. Embarrassment Envy Exhibitionism Failure Faithless Fear Frustration Grief Guilt7. Misfortune Money Obstinate Overconfidence Overprotective Panic Pain Passion Phobia
2. Criticism Decision Making Depression Deprivation Despair Despise Disagree Disappointment Discouragement5. Hatred Helplessness Hopelessness Ignoring Impatience Inability Inadequacy Inefficiency8. Poor Concentration Procrastination Quarrelsome Rage Resentment Restlessness Sadness Dissatisfaction Selfishness
3. Disgrace Discomfort Disgust Dishonor Dishonest Disillusioned Dislike Distrust Dominating6. Inferior Complex Insecurity Irritate Jealousy Loneliness Love Low Self-Esteem Low Self-Worth Mean9. Shameful Stubborn Suffocation Stress
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Meridian alarm points
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