Neural Lock

Neural Locking has two purposes.

  1. To get the functional part of the brain to become hyperfocused on a dysfunction that you have just found/revealed. This causes the muscles to stay in a state of inhibition until proprioceptors or acupoints have been palpated, which are related to the dysfunction. Once identified, these can be lightly manipulated with the fingers to highlight the relationship between the dysfunction created by the safety part of the brain. The functional brain can then nullify the response, hence correcting the dysfunction.
  2. When using acupoints to identify how the safety part of the brain responded to a specific stressor/injury/surgery/trauma (and ultimately nullify), the process is described as following a thread through the limbic system. The further along the thread, the higher the priority of how the nervous system organizes its safety mechanisms is being identified. Thus, the correction will be more significant. When following a thread, frequency stacking when something has been specifically identified is like starting a new line of text (or code), ensuring the functional brain understands the information that is being identified. This is important because the same acupoints can represent different things to the unconscious, depending on what acupoints have been palpated previously.
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