Neural Lock

You can Neural Lock (NL) by:

            1. Rotating the tendons of the knee or shoulder joint clockwise

2. Press Left then right at the LI alarm point ST 25

3. Press Right then Left at the KD alarm point GB 25

Neural locking can do the following:

  1. focuses the nervous system on a dysfunction just identified (such as an inhibited muscle), causing all muscles to become weak. Palpating on a related proprioceptor or acupoint will negate this weakness.
  2. Specific acupoints resonate with the nervous system differently (e.g., HT 03 then LG 01 palpated resonate with the withdrawal reflex). After palpating specific acupoints, this resonation can be “locked” using Neural Lock so that areas on the body can be palpated while testing an indicator muscle for a change in strength (from normal to inhibited). If inhibition occurs, then the area the hand is palpating resonates with these acupoints and indicates a positive test (e.g., the nervous system is remembering a withdrawal reflex in this area as a safety response). Neural locking once a positive test is found, will allow further palpation to identify related proprioceptors or acupoints.
  3. When a dysfunction has been Neural Locked and a pair of receptors or acupoints have been identified, performing an additional NL will identify that information to the nervous system, and you can continue palpating for more acupoints along the “neural thread.” In this instance, think of an NL as starting a new line of code, separating one set of information from the next for clarity.
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